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Personalized Engraving Birthstone Ring

Posted by Ruby 17/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

Personalized Engraving Birthstone Ring 
Our Personalized Engraved birthstone ring is one our most popular range in our Jewellery line. The Bead Shop Birthtone Ring is made of high quality 925 sterling silver. 12 birthstone color available to choose, every birthstone have their own color and meaning, you are able to pick any color of birthstone from January birthstone to December birthstone that you like. We are able to customized the color according to your preferences. Beside, we also provides engraving services that able to engrave your own name, text, number and symbol on the ring or inside the base of the ring. Every piece of this unique birthstone jewellery is customized according to your preferences. Make it a very unique and special gifts for your family, friends and your love one. Below are few simple step on how to purchase our birthstone ring:

1. Choose your birthstone ring design
The Bead Shop offers more than 70+ choices of birthstone ring to choose. 


2. Choose your birthstone color and fill in your engraving name and text. 
You are able to pick your favourite month birthstone color or any color that you like from Jan-Dec Birthstone color. Beside, you are able to engrave name, text, number or symbol you like on the ring and inside the base ring. As show on the picture above. 
Name 1: Ashley
Name 2: Michael
Stone 1: March
Stone 2: February 
Text inside: Engrave Here




3. Complete Custom
Once your order is confirm, we are able to customized your birthstone ring within 2-3 business days. :) 
Personalized Engraved Brithstone Ring is a very unique, special and memorable jewellery. A customized birthstone ring sure will give your patner, friend and family a very memorable and unforgettable moment in their life.